Saturday, April 10, 2010


Sarah Palin? She looks good, she makes fun of Obama, she was funny in the Movie Date night, but I keep thinking what her neighbors the Russians must think of the lady who spies on them from her kitchen window.

Are we so enchanted with Mrs. P from her book tours and clever sound bites that we overlook her lack of knowledge and experience?

She makes fun of Obama, too. Gotta like that. Most can't do that much and not be called a raciest, bad sport or a Pinky. She pulled it off, though. Problem is the joke can be turned right back on her. Neither Mr Obama nor Sarah P. know anything about Nuclear weaponry or North Korea. Isn't that a kick!

Cute is great. Smart is better. Moral and smart is best.

Romney, then? Can the country overlook the Mormon guy in it's quest for smart and moral?


  1. "Knowledge" and "experience" are such relative terms. When we say she lacks experience, to whom, exactly, are we comparing her? She certainly has more experience than Obama--governing a state, even a very sparsely populated state, teaches one more about the problems of governing than doing a short stint as a junior senator. It's one thing to talk a good game, another to actually implement your policies.

    President Obama wants to tell us what we "should" want, as a society--which, last I checked, is not a hallmark of representative democracy--and Mr. Biden thinks senate seats should be hereditary. In comparison, Ms. Palin is looking better and better.

    (Yes I write a political blog, yes I support equal marriage, yes I'm LDS, I'd love your comments, come visit sometime).

  2. Love your blog. But you dont write enough. You will find who yo are by your writing.

  3. If you can be satisfied with a guy who changes his opinion to match the political winds then Brother Romney is a good choice

  4. Oh man there are just so many bothersome things in this post I can't begin...really Romney moral and smart? SERIOUSLY? I need to compose myself

  5. I agree, neither Palin nor Obama have extensive nuclear experience. But come on, can you imagine Palin with nukes?! Tell me that's not 10 times scarier than Obama. As for Romney, the guy has the Presidential look I'll give him that but as a citizen of Massachusetts I can't even begin to tell you what an opportunist this guy is. I'm not that old, but I remember everything he said in MA when he was Governor and pushing hard for what is now the model for national health care reform. He will do and say anything to get elected, which isn't really different from most politicians, but he does it shamelessly.

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  6. R seems the best option of the fools available. What do you not like about him G? As in Gina

  7. What don't I like about Romney? Well full disclosure, I am a flaming liberal first of all...and please note I said liberal not Democrat. I don't say that to be pissy, just as a clarification for those folks who think they are the same.
    I think he is an opportunist: when he was running for Gov. of Mass his position on most social policy issues were much milder than when he ran for potus. And while I appreciate that people change their minds... do I really think he changed his mind on same sex marriage? abortion? No.
    He also has been incredibly critical of "Obamacare" calling it an abuse of power, when as Gov of Mass he signed a bill, and was saluted by conservatives, very similar.
    Plus his hair bugs me.