Monday, April 19, 2010

I Don't Hate Obama...

Its a Political Full Moon. Be Afraid

...In fact, I really want to like him. Years ago I heard him interviewed on PBS as the great Democratic hope, and I liked the guy. He has since become the poster child for elitism and snobbery. And I know snobby. He ran on the ticket of change, but his tactics are increasingly old fashioned and self serving. I have been reading the new health care bill and I am mortified.

In these days like no other, "Less is More" should be tattooed on our bulbous foreheads. This health plan has turned on its lights, pulled us over, frisked us, beat us and won't give us our one phone call. "Don't Tread On Me" has become, "These Boots Were Made for Walking".

Am I listening to to much talk radio? Should I take down my Sean Hannity poster? Jon Stewart told Fox news to "go f*** itself". 'Teabonics' is the most recent dialect of the spelling-challenged (Brothers!) and reality-impaired. Do I want to be on any of these sides? I hope am not just jumping on the brass bandwagon who is the loudest. Whose hyperbole fits the occasion best? And are we best served by just giving up and replacing the whole Washington and Hollywood bunch.

I want a job. I want insurance that leaves me with teeth and not just holes. I want to have hope for the future. I am willing to pay the taxes, but I want to see it going somewhere, and getting my family someplace.

Who do I believe? Who do you?


  1. "Work harder! Millions on welfare depend on you!"

  2. Oh because people on welfare don't work, right? Just a point of clarification and because it is who I am:
    1. There is a lifetime..yes lifetime limit for welfare benefits and you must be working or engaged in work activities in order to get "welfare" which is called the Family Employment Program in Utah. And the lifetime limit is 36 in Utah, federally it is 60 months.
    2. More than 50% of those who benefit from food stamps are children, 9.4% are elderly, 16% are disabled, and more than 40% have earned income.

    The notion that the poor somehow want to stay poor is ridiculous, and the social price is astronomical, how much do loopholes for the wealthy cost your pocketbook? I don't think it was poor folks who banks 10's of millions of dollars in the derivatives market - where is the outrage for the wealthy who game the system?

  3. A large majority of American Independents (the people who decide elections) agree with your sentiments, Almost Homeless Man.

  4. America's welfare system is almost kind of static, with none trying to change it.