Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rivers To Cross, Bridges To Build

By personal decree, I am supposed to write about why I am poor and what I am doing about it - my own personal mission/blog statement.

I can't imagine being a poor man in any other age and having a mission statement - or even having the ability to say anything except by mob or by gang or by planting potatoes in squiggly lines in protest.

I would probably be one of the first to die with Robin Hood in the movie - the plucky comic relief that gets killed pointlessly during the opening credits - if I even made it that far politically. So I have God to thank that I have a form by which to make a difference.

Arizona passes a new law on immigration, and I am hearing many people say that it is not their place to create such a law. And I wonder if it's my place to comment? Then I remember that I pay my state taxes like the next guy, if indeed the next guy pays taxes. Having to pay for the uninsured non citizens means that a portion of what I bleed goes to pay their health benefits. So, yes, I should have something to say about illegal immigration.

The new Arizona law is not new. It enforces a federal law that seems to be not enforced. And the federal law is supported by the constitution. It does not encourage racial profiling anymore than does the enforcement of traffic laws or vehicular registration laws. Law enforcement (and I am so not for giving these guys any more power) are not allowed to pull anyone over without measured significant cause.

Yeah, I'm not so sure I like the idea, or even believe it - with the personal experience I have had with law enforcement. As an agency I feel they are far too easily corruptible - as is evidenced by incredible and seemingly un-checked power over civilians that pushes legal standards as it is. This may be the real flaw in the Arizona law.

But, in theory, they are not to be profiling any more or less with this new standard. It does force those pulled over to provide proof of citizenship. Doesn't a legal drivers licence provide that? Don't we have to provide these ID's when we apply for a state ID or a licence?

Another question. Why are we giving the leg up on one group of immigrants while insisting that another jump through financial/political hoops? My friends from Brazil are struggling financially, but they pay the fees and wait the allotted times and complete the forms and pay more fees and follow the rules to immigrate lawfully and rightfully to the US, while many others from, dare I say where, are illegal aliens? And they are illegal and not just the politically correct "non-residents" just as illegal drug dealers are not "non-licenced pharmacists."

It seems the established immigration laws under the constitution are to protect residents of our country. If you wish to be a resident, there is an established manner of action for ALL, not just those outside of Mexico. Am I racist or bigoted for wanting all immigrants to follow the same rules? Would I follow them if I was in their shoes, or would I slide on in and try to take advantage of a better system in order to support my family?

I hope I would follow the law. And no, I don't think I am racist or bigoted.

I am just poor. With a blog.


  1. Agreed. It sometimes looks like demo's want mexicans here to pad their vote come fall.

  2. Do you think brown people who aren't Hispanic won't get profiled when stopped? When your friends from Brazil get stopped and they have accented English, they will be asked for proof that they are here legally. This based on their accent and skin color. How is that okay with you?
    And incidentally, I can oppose illegal immigration AND oppose Arizona's impending disaster of an immigration bill. Those thoughts are not mutually exclusive.
    There are better ways to deal with immigration As for voting: according to the census
    The % of registered voters by race:
    all races 58%
    White 59%
    Black 60%
    Asian 32%
    Hispanic: 31%

  3. What does that mean, profiled when stopped? When people are stopped, all must show a divers license. In order to have a DL you must be a citizen. Yes? No? My friends from Brazil will show theirs rightfully earned. Others who have rightful earned theirs will also. I am required to show mine and I am light-blue in color. Is you anger at the bill? Strengthened Police abilities? Profiling? What does race have to do with citizenship? Or do you fear that some do not know the difference?

  4. No a DL doesn't prove citizenship, since AZ does not issue DL's to illegal citizen's, one could argue that there is a 'presumption' of citizenship if you have a license. However, that doesn't stop an officer from requiring more if they have a reasonable suspicion that someone is here illegally. What are those triggers that would prompt an officer to suspect someone is here illegally?

    Do you honestly think that if you were stopped in AZ and didn't have your license on you that a cop would ask you to prove citizenship or just cite you for not having a license?

    The employer provisions are not as strong as they should be if you really want to deter them from hiring illegal folks. That's who should be targeted. none of this 1st, 2nd 3rd offense. If an employer is guilty of hiring people w/o documentation to work in the country legally shut them down. Period.
    And I'm not angry David, I'm disappointed. And, no, race shouldn't have anything to do with citizenship, but as a "light-blue in color" fella, I bet you've never been stopped for driving while brown.