Sunday, January 31, 2010


I signed up for unemployment insurance last week or so. There is a week for nothing to wait, so if you have friends who are being laid off, let them know to apply for unemployment sooner rather than later because of the waiting week. I was on hold for over an hour, but when I got to the guy, he was helpful and friendly - I would hire him to answer my phones. If I had phones.

I am supposed to hop on line and fill out a brief bit of info each week on Sunday to claim my weeks worth of unemployment. So, last week I did that, and did it again this week. Tonight.

I have never filed before. It was an experience. I never thought much of the folks on unemployment. I think I thought of them as lazy or uninspired or worse. Hate to say it.

What a lousy stereotype to have in place - especially now that I am the uninspired one. Here's the thing for this week. I put down on the on-line form that I had an hour of training at the Mormon Church job service where I sat in on a lecture for improving your, and making your resume outstanding. Somehow my attending a training of some sort seems to have put a block on my getting paid for last week. Apparently it flagged something that suggested that I was not available to work for the week, which is not true.

Additional training means that I cant get paid? Really?

All due to me trying to better a resume? Hope this turns out better than I think it will.

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