Sunday, January 31, 2010

Would You Like Fries With That?

I am looking for a job.

I was fired/quit a decent job a year ago due to a conflict with my employer. I took on a job with much lesser pay at a retail outlet and worked there for 8 months. It wasn't my favorite work environment, it wasn't my favorite type of work, but I apparently sucked enough at it that they laid me off just after the new year. This new year as a matter of fact.

It wasn't really a surprise. I had invited myself into the managers office when it became apparent that there were employees leaving the store without a job or a name badge. No one talks about laying people off until it's there in your face. So, I came right out and asked. My boss was good enough to let me know that my being layed off had moved past the possibility stage into the realm of probability. I had two weeks to get it together - and even if I did, I would probably not make it past that.

And I didn't. I took to heart what feedback they had to offer me. Be more on time, do better work, don't offend people. Apparently my personal hygiene was satisfactory.

So, Here I am blogging. I am a writer by trade, so blogging is the natural thing for me to resort too, two, to. That and caffeine. I have a blog of funny-ness elsewhere that I would love to have picked up and turn into something that pays. Money.

This blog I am going to keep for all those who are searching how to improve their lives and lifestyle. I won't be as subtle or shy as I may be in my other, funnier life. There is nothing to loose here but a bit of pride, which I would gladly trade for a good job anyway. I'll change a few facts and leave my families name out of it because I have kids and a wife and I would like them to have normal existence, or the closest reasonable facsimile of that they can have.

So, were off. Lets get a job. Lets get a life!


  1. Sorry. Hope you find something. I'll keep reading and keep my eyes open.

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