Monday, February 1, 2010

Daddy Cabbie

Except I don't get the cool hat.

Okay, here's a job I wasn't expecting to have. I'm the chauffeur for the family.

When Kid One needs to go to basketball practice, I'm the man. When Kid Two just has to get to the library, its "Lets go dad. you're not doing anything'. I need the car during the day for job hunting, so I get to take mom to work and pick her up. School starts at 8am and gets out at 1pm and if the bills are late, then I get to hand deliver them...and "Hey while you are out of work, why don't you remodel that backroom so we can study uninterrupted."

Cool! I can paint the hallway and re-sod the lawn and thin the perennials and babysit the maimed chicken and...and...

But I need to find a job.

"What? You have all day! Are you on the Internet again! Its 9pm! Maybe you should be using this time to deliver your resumes while the kids are watching a DVD. You really should utilize your time better."

If someone tells me how to run my life one more time I am going to throw keys at someone, and my aim is pretty darn...

But first, it seems, I have to take my daughter to the church for young women's.


  1. I here ya, dude! Let me know if something comes up. I am in the same boat.

  2. I and several friends are there. You have to do the writing thing, cause we antt so good at it. Fight us the good battle, brother.