Monday, March 25, 2013

National cleaning week!

It's national cleaning week and I am so excited I could just sit here and watch one of the seven zombie shows currently playing on TV -- not including CNN.

I am currently in the middle of a feng swai... Shay... shway? OK, I googled it and it's Fung Shui. I am currently in the middle of trying to "Fung Shui" (verb) my house and shed and storage room.  However, in researching it I have found out that Fung Shui (not verb) has nothing to do with what I  thought it was. 

It is not throwing all my stuff away and painting all the walls white and  planting bamboo and stuff.  It is a whole color and dragon room energy reorientation kind of thing, and frankly it doesn't make sense to me.

Here I am with the kids and my darling wife.
My wife's friend, we shall call her Bessy, has lived by the law of F.S. for years.  She has nothing in her house.  Even her drawers are empty.  Her kids don't come over to see her much anymore unless they are out of a place to live. 

I think it is because Bessy's idea of F. S. has invaded her life.  She has kept nothing important to her, nothing that might cause anyone to feel anything, nothing to get in the way of her picking up and moving to Canada -- which she has been threatening to do for the 20 years I have known her.

However, she has never moved nor has she ever really planned to move.  She sits in her house and looks at the clean white walls.

I have stuff.  I thank God that I have stuff. Now, I just need to box some of the stuff up and give it to DI.

Bessy has her problems, and I have mine.

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