Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Don't Even Get Dinner

Okay, I don't really care if it is Obama Care or Devil Care, as long as I can get my families teeth fixed.

My wife has had to take out a credit card that specializes in dentist bills. Ain't that great! Only in America can some pauper see a need to fill, fill it and get rich, and that's just what happened.

The picked on American dentist wasn't getting all the money that was owed them in quick-enough fashion from the insurance companies. And now they won't have to wait even a day!

Isn't that great! Of coarse, the card will cover the bills from last year and not this year, so even though we have some insurance, we can't use it because we can't afford our portion even in monthly payments.

God bless the insurance companies of America.

Now all I have to do is keep the crowns and fillings that haven fallen out of our mouths safe in the fridge until I can afford, what, maybe another credit card so we can see the dentist. Or the doctor. Or whomever could help us pursuit happiness.

I do love our country with all my heart and ask blessings on her and her leaders every day in my prayers. But how many more teeth need to fall out and sit on the shelf before I can get decent health care for my family.

Maybe next year, honey.


  1. Funny. Sad. Truth. Is anyone listening? Obama?

  2. Im in the same boat. States care to do something about this - likw MA did?

  3. I was going to suggest you write your congressman, and then I realized he is alod my gongressman. We're screwed, brother.